Saturday, 4 July 2009

Korma stains on the carpet

I thought I might write about things that go on in my life that are fairly mundane compared to jewellery designing etc . . . the kind of things that I'm sure others have experienced. Today I was at a fair so this involved getting everything together and going at least one hour before to set up. Today I was organised, today I deliberately got dressed up and wore one of my new pearl choker designs, today I thought 'today I will be ready for 11.00 am (when the fair starts) - instead of rushing as usual, beads of perspiration running down my back, attending to customers while I am STILL setting up (usually about noon)'.

Today was going to be so different - what a lovely sunny day as I drove over to Troon - Arran looked quite magnificent and all was well with the world. Until . . . got the car parked and started to unload - oh no! So busy tidying my car that I left my covers for the table and my mannequins for the tiaras. No way could I set up until I got these from home. Next step: phone T and ask him to bring them over? That would be find but . . . mobile phone a bit wonky - got cut off - he phoned back - I couldn't get through - left message. Finally got message. Went in and sat down - couldn't really do anything. T arrived at 10.25 am - this gave me 25 minutes to set up my stand!

Obviously - impossible. Just set up as best as I could and left the rest - it still looked pretty good and no one really knew of the background! T for coffee and doughnuts which was quite a treat - don't usually eat much at fairs.

Had a good day and met a lot of people and have 2 commissions. Pretty tired after all that and then I get home - what is on the carpet? Yes you guessed it - No 1 son has had the rest of last night's korma while watching TV and there are remnants of yellow sauce and rice on the lounge carpet. But hey what's new? Unfortunately this is a regular occurrence and he can't really help it. Of course you might think that this is normal for a teenager anyway but No 1 son has a condition which causes him to be more prone to accidental spillages etc. (dyspraxia) Yes I should be more understanding and 99% of the time I am. Every now and again it really gets to me.

So even although I was exhausted I just had to get down on my knees and armed with stain slayer I attacked the said korma with great gusto! Of course once you start this you always see more, don't you? So I discovered other less noticeable 'spillages' which had to be attacked!

Having completed all this I felt quite satisfied and the carpet looks pretty good - until tomorrow perhaps?

Now you understand the title?

I'm writing this with the Madonna concert on Sky 1 - one of my all time favourite singers/performers despite some outrageous episodes in her life.

I'm on twitter too - still to get used to it!