Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Unable to attend work today

Unfortunately I was not too well last night and the effect was - not able to go to work. I had hardly slept all night - but I am feeling a bit better this afternoon so it's full steam ahead for tomorrow.

Nothing done so far re jewellery but I might finish some silver work after I've had a cup of tea! Will probably have a wee snooze to catch up on some rest.

Currently working on hammered silver pendant and earrings, bridal order for bridesmaids and bride's jewellery, various orders for handmade silver earrings plus a few more orders. Not complaining as I have received another order by email today!

Time for a teabreak


Sunday, 19 April 2009


Yesterday I was very busy with some orders where I was using this technique.

I was making a tiara with Swarovski crystals and silver plated wire. I was using a combination of twisting wire and making spirals. The wire is twisted to hold the crystal in place and by a process of adding 'branches' this can create a filigree effect.

Spirals are made by winding the wire around the round nosed pliers. I have also completed a cuff bracelet by using this technique. This image will be uploaded to my website.

I also made a bridal comb using 'silver seed beads' and twisting wire with pearls and crystals. This will be uploaded also.


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Too busy to blog!

Thought I should enter some news to my blog. Have been on holiday since 3 April but despite this I've received some orders! One all the way from Spain!

I'm back at college this week and it's a blow. Getting up at 6.30 am and driving is pretty tiring. Not much time to do some jewellery. However, I have planned to finish orders over the weekend.

The Troon Craft Fair went really well last Saturday. Thanks to those who purchased items and also those who commissioned items. I always enjoy the Craft Fair and meeting people as well as chatting to my fellow crafters.

The weather was really beautiful for April and Troon was very busy - especially the beach.

My next event is at Loudoun Castle on 25 and 26 April. The next Craft Fair is the 2nd of May


Saturday, 4 April 2009

Brooch Commission

The Brooch has now been collected and will be on display for members to view.

I'm on holiday now and so I will be taking it easy. However, I can't resist doing some designing. I always have design ideas and need to note these down when they come to me.

I may see something on a building, a fence, a gate perhaps - the swirl of a metal gate. Sometimes it might be the deep colour of a flower which I might relate to a particular gemstone. I have a few ideas for working with silver. I am especially keen to work in layered silver and see how this develops.


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

the Brooch

Last night I finally completed the brooch. The master arrived back from casting - pretty rough looking. However, the copy is superb. I spent time filing and sanding to clean up the brooch. I then soldered the brooch findings. After pickling (to remove firestain) I then cleaned and polished.

Today I will complete final polishing. this involves polishing using Tripoli which removes surface scratches. Then I clean with warm soapy water. Then I polish with jeweller's rouge. This brings the surface to a highly polished finish.

The brooch will be ready for collection tomorrow.

I have ordered beautiful velvet boxes to complement the work.

I need to work on completion of other orders before having a break for Easter.