Thursday, 26 February 2009

Friday tomorrow!

I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow as this has been a very busy week between one thing and another.

Tomorrow I am travelling to Alexandria to take a new course - back to College at lunchtime with another class at 1 pm. Quite a lot of driving. Not much jewellery making tonight but I am up to date with the work in progress.

Just a mention to Dee and William. The photos were taken at the reception and I was there with my husband and son. We were invited to the evening reception which we enjoyed very much. So thankyou for inviting us. It was so wonderful to see Dee in her gown and jewellery. I just love to see my jewellery being worn - it is so satisfying.


Brooch Commission

Finally I took the brooch to be engraved. I await this process so that I can send it for casting. I have been really busy working on my orders but today has been hectic as I had two appointments (not business) and then the one hour drive to college where I was teaching this afternoon.

Needless to say I was tired when I got home. However, here I am still awake. Just about to go to sleep - up at 6.30 am tomorrow as I start at 9 - can't be late.

Goodnight all x

Monday, 23 February 2009

Update on Brooch

To my great relief I have now completed the polishing stage of the brooch and it is now ready to be engraved. However, this will have to be Wednesday morning at 9.00 am due to the engraver not being available until then. I have spent a great deal of time polishing and buffing as I was not happy if I saw any slight scratches. Of course when the piece is cast it will require lots of work again but I want the master to be as flawless as possible!

Must go as dinner awaits!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Brooch Commission

The next stage in the saga - I need to get the brooch polished and cleaned to be ready for engraving. However, I don't seem to have the right 'chuck' or collet to use the cleaning mops that I specially ordered from Cookson Gold. I was up at 8.00 am phoning various diy stores. I finally got help from a really nice young man at B & Q and so now there's no excuse!

Except that after being out and about and then coming back to do dishes, clean etc I seemed to have come to a halt! However, I am just about to go out to the workshop and get the job done!
I've been messing about on the laptop looking up all sorts of things and I have some new ideas for other designs. Must focus or the day will be gone!

Friday, 20 February 2009

First Posting

I decided to add a blog to my site as this allows me to tell you more about me and what's happening with the business. It seems that blog may just be old-fashioned and the new way is 'twitter'.

However, I will use this for the present.

I seem to be juggling many different projects at the moment as is my favourite way to be. I am on a strict deadline for the silver brooch commission which I am working on - cannot reveal who for as yet - it will all come out in due course. Need to go and see about engraving tomorrow and send off asap for casting. No time to spare. On Sunday I will be at the Holiday Inn, Glasgow Airport with Lisa with her Prom Gowns. I will be displaying jewellery and tiaras and my designs will be modelled on the catwalk. I'll need to get organised and will be busy tomorrow preparing and perhaps making a new design?

I like to introduce a new design at a show if I have time. May have some videos done on Sunday and perhaps some editorial from a University in the Glasgow area - will detail what happens after Sunday.

Time for bed as I'll be busy tomorrow!