Monday, 25 May 2009


I have been doing some silver work recently. I have a commission for cufflinks for a golfer and so I will complete these tomorrow. I will post a photo to the website once complete.

I have just completed a commission for a 'church crown'. This is for a crowning ceremony which is usually part of a panomime which the church holds annually. This is for someone in England and they will collect my creation tomorrow. I must take some photographs before it is collected. These will also be posted to the site.

I also am working on an unusual request. A client had a large Swarovski crystal which had belonged to her mother. Unfortunately it had gone through the washing machine and the drilled hole part had sheared off. I have designed a sterling silver claw setting to hold the crystal and I will solder a half ring in order that this may be worn as a pendant. I will put some 'before' and after photos on my commissions page.

Must go to bed as it's ten past twelve midnight. Last night was 3.00 am so I suppose I'm early!



Monday, 18 May 2009

Design Ideas

I have been making jewellery today but I have also been thinking of some new designs. I have a brooch idea as well as cufflinks.

I have also recorded some video clips to be used on my website as well as myspace, facebook and bebo.

I am having a major problem with my website reports - they are not working and it is the fault of my webhost - the server is not working as it should. I have reported this but basically I can't see who has visited and what it working best and what I can do to change this.

I have signed up for Google Analytics which allows me to track visitors - will need to check how this is working.


Thursday, 14 May 2009

Oxidised Silver

I have a number of commissions which I am working on. However, I will be using a technique which oxidises the silver and creates many different colour hues.

This is done by dipping the silver into liver of sulphur and leaving it in the liquid until the required shade is achieved. If left long enough the silver will be blackened and this gives an aged look.

This fine patina can be used with a contrast of highly polished and gives a 3d effect to the piece.

I will use this in a commission and when finished will publish this to my website.

Watch this space!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Craft Fair at Troon yesterday

It was a great day yesterday. The sun was shining and although the wind was cold it was really beautiful at Troon. As usual I was running a bit late but still managed to have my display ready for the public at 11.00 am. I had a busy day and received orders for jewellery and also sold some pieces from my display. Thanks to those who admired my work and also ordered from me.

Today I have had a day off from jewellery making but tomorrow I will need to get started.

Time for bed.