Thursday, 9 July 2009

A new experience!

Today I was working at the Open at Turnberry. You might ask - what is the Open and why were you working there? Well this is the British Open Golf Championship and I applied to work there for the fun of it - to experience working during a major event. This, I hope, will enrich my understanding of Events Management - always useful for my lecturing as well as my own business.

Basically I was part of the set up team for the various hospitality restaurants being set up. I was quite amazed at how much work is needed and how the areas look once set up. It was really hard work but it was a beautiful day and we had lunch provided sitting looking out to sea to the Ailsa Craig and beyond. Basically I was cleaning, setting up tables, sorting out food supplies for the various restaurants etc. The pay is the minimum wage and so I experienced what it is like to work on a very low wage.

I begin working in the Links Restaurant next Thursday - this is a fine dining restaurant and I will be waiting tables. This is waiter service only and so this should be an excellent opportunity. I am looking forward to doing this - this will be for 4 days. I am glad that this not my real job as it is really hard work and very physically demanding.

However, the experience will be worth it!

Will post more next week . . . .