Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sheila Kerr features in Ayrshire Wedding Directory

I was thrilled and delighted when I was invited to provide a selection of my bridal headpieces, tiaras, jewellery and bridesmaid hair accessories for the photoshoot.

The Ayrshire Wedding Directory has been in circulation for over 2 years and is proving to be very popular with brides to be.  

My Poppy headpiece is worn on the front cover and my pieces are worn throughout the magazine in the photoshoot.

The next edition will be available from August 2012 and again my work will be featured in the photoshoots!

Dahlia Tiara with freshwater pearl Wild Heart Necklace by Sheila Kerr

Image features model wearing the 'Dahlia' tiara with large freshwater pearl necklace and Swarovski Elements 'wild heart' in jet.

Matching bracelet in freshwater pearl and black crystals.
Handforged copper leaf earrings by Sheila Kerr
Sheila Kerr can create jewellery for you in copper, brass, silver or gold.

Image shows Hannah wearing handhammered copper leaf earrings with sterling silver earwires.  These carry the Sheila Kerr maker's mark from the Edinburgh Assay Office and are hallmarked.
Customised shoes for a bride

Sheila Kerr can customise your shoes for you!  Using crystals, pearls, ribbon and more - your shoes can be transformed into a unique piece of artwork!  This can be for your wedding day, a special event or just for fun!

Contact us for your own unique creation!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Crafted in Scotland

I am now selling some finished pieces through the website Crafted in Scotland so it's possible to order online through this site.  All pieces have been made in Scotland and there is a variety of gifts, jewellery and more available to order.

Why not check it out now:

                                          Crystal Moon Earrings available at