Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Designs 19 March 2012 - cold connection techniques

Copper - have been experimenting with mixed metals and have made a pendant with 'moving parts'.  This involves a technique known as 'riveting'.

Finally created this pendant on Saturday by piercing a large triangle of copper sheet and then a small triangle of brass.  I riveted the small triangle onto the copper triangle.  I then made a sterling silver bail which I riveted onto the piece.  This is know as cold connection techniques as there is no use of heat or solder.

The resulting design is unusual in that the small triangle can be moved around to create different looks.  Could be called the 'Mood Pendant'.  May now create more matching jewellery to complement this - earrings, a ring, a bangle . . . possibilities are endless now that I can create moving parts - a clock face; a figure with moving limbs ... so many designs to be thought of.  Oh how I love working with metals!