Friday, 26 June 2009

Holidays and Wimbledon

Oh how I love to be on holiday. On top of all this the sun is shining and everything looks wonderful! Living by the sea is just so rejuvenating - I love the sounds and the smells of the seaside. Sometimes I just don't take the time to go down to the beach. I have all the usual things to do - housework, cleaning, tidying, banking etc etc.

Today I have been doing some emails to customers as their jewellery orders are ready. I have more commissions in the pipeline and some other orders to complete. This is never a task as I actually love designing and making jewellery. However, I have stopped college for the summer and it's a wonderful feeling - I love teaching but I also love the summer break!

This gives me time to be myself and get creative! I have many design ideas in the pipeline and I am exhibiting at the Ayr Flower Show in August 7, 8 and 9, so I will show some of these designs and these will also be posted to my website. Obviously a floral theme is underlying and sterling silver will feature.

Must go and get ready . . . . .

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Holy Fair at Rozelle Park in Ayr

Had a good afternoon yesterday. It was very busy with all sorts of activities taking place.

I met a lot of interesting people and have received commissions as well as meeting with two brides to be.

Today I must rest as I am working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at College. After that I am on holiday for the summer! This gives me time to rest but also time to complete my jewellery commissions which are piling up fast!

Time for breakfast and another snooze . . . .

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Just got back from a very busy weekend:

Friday night - retirement do at the College
Saturday 11.00 am till 4.30 pm Craft Fair at Troon Concert Hall
Saturday 7.00 pm till late: Clic Sargent Ladies Night at the Princess Royal Suite at the Racecourse
Sunday 12 till 5.00 pm: Calderglen Country Fair, East Kilbride

I had a busy but rewarding time. Met all sorts of new people as well as some existing customers.

Have gained some new contacts as well as new commissions.

Need to sleep now!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

silver claw setting

I have successfully finished this and it will be ready for my customer tomorrow.

It was tricky but I am pleased with it!

Tomorrow will be very busy. I am at the Craft Fair in Troon but need to go over to the Racecourse in Ayr to set up my table for the Clic Sargent Ladies night tomorrow night. I am also going to the dinner so I will need to get dressed up. I am looking forward to it as it is for a good cause.

On Sunday I am on the road again - to East Kilbride Country Fair from 1 pm till 5 pm. Hoping it is a good day as it's outside but the stalls are covered.

Will post after Sunday for updates on these various exhibitions.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

This week's challenge!

I am currently working on a claw setting for a client. This is to set a larger crystal pendant which has been damaged but has sentimental value. It has really presented a challenge - in order to set a stone it it is necessary to 'press' the claws up against it. However, this stone is delicate as it has been chipped. I have come up with an ingenious method so as not to damage the crystal further. I have created a 'cross' shaped setting which comprises of two lengths which cross over each other at the back of the stone. I will then solder on a link so that the stone can be suspended from a chain.

I was busy doing this when the phone rang - must go back to my workshop to continue . . . .

Monday, 1 June 2009


It has been a hectic week between one thing and another. I have been busy polishing and burnishing the cufflinks as they need to be ready for Tuesday. Tomorrow I am starting at 8.00 am at College so will need to leave about 6.30 am - only 6 hours sleep approx.

Yesterday I did a Craft Fair in Glasgow run by the Glasgow Craft Mafia. I enjoyed meeting new people and made some interesting contacts. Did sell from my table but not a great deal. The weather was fabulous and so no one wanted to come indoors. Don't blame them.

Must go to sleep.