Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sheila Kerr Jewellery's Studio in Irvine

This is my studio at the Courtyard Studios, Harbour Street, Irvine.  I just love working there and I have all my designs on display for anyone to browse.  I also have an area where I can hold small group jewellery making workshops.

The view from my workbench looks out to the sea and the island of Arran in the distance.  No two days are the same but always the sun sets behind Arran (if it's not raining you can see the fantastic outline of this well known landmark).

I'm so looking forward to the spring as I moved into my studio last September and then the weather deteriorated.  I have seen all kinds of weather as I work at my bench - from fabulous winter sunsets to hailstones battering on the dormer windows of my upstairs studio.  No matter the weather I just love working there!