Friday, 10 February 2012

Almost lost my domain name!

What a panic!  My new website has just gone live within the last few weeks and I received a reminder to renew my domain name.  This is an annual event but as I have a new site it was urgent that I do this before the deadline date of 6 February, 2012.  I duly renewed as per instruction on the email with my card but I find that the company are in Australia!  Last night I thought I would go on to my website and find that I could not access it at all.

Rather strange?  I contacted Duncan of ListEd Website Design who immediately dealt with it and made the payment.  My site should go live within 48 hours but due to my bank's incompetence I have nearly lost my domain name!

I will be phoning the bank at 9.00 am today!

So my site is not working as we speak but should be live within 48 hours.