Monday, 6 September 2010

Car Breakdown! Man takes a tumble!

As I was saying my car had broken down outside of Silverburn Shopping Centre. It was a beautiful night and I had decided that I would go home and sit out in my newly completed garden. Instead I had to wait for the AA to come - so I decided to go for a browse round Tesco. The AA send you a text and let you know when they will arrive so I was able to return to my car around 6.30 pm.

The guy arrived on time at 6.40 pm and began to inspect the said burning (did I forget to say 'smoking' coming from the engine?) He checked the water (which was low) and added water. This is something that should not reduce unless there is a leak apparently. However, he proceeded to tell me that there was no oil! I had just had my car serviced but I just don't check the oil - does anyone?

Well I proceeded to the Tesco Shop to purchased the oil and the AA Guy came after me to see if I had purchased the appropriate oil. He then went back to the car to put in the oil. When I had paid and returned to my car he told me he had taken a tumble! He had tripped on a metal strip on the forecourt and had apparently fallen headlong! He seemed ok but what a night!

Eventually I drove back home and by this time it was after 8 pm - no sitting in the garden for me! So far the car still seems ok so here's hoping!