Monday, 25 May 2009


I have been doing some silver work recently. I have a commission for cufflinks for a golfer and so I will complete these tomorrow. I will post a photo to the website once complete.

I have just completed a commission for a 'church crown'. This is for a crowning ceremony which is usually part of a panomime which the church holds annually. This is for someone in England and they will collect my creation tomorrow. I must take some photographs before it is collected. These will also be posted to the site.

I also am working on an unusual request. A client had a large Swarovski crystal which had belonged to her mother. Unfortunately it had gone through the washing machine and the drilled hole part had sheared off. I have designed a sterling silver claw setting to hold the crystal and I will solder a half ring in order that this may be worn as a pendant. I will put some 'before' and after photos on my commissions page.

Must go to bed as it's ten past twelve midnight. Last night was 3.00 am so I suppose I'm early!