Friday, 20 February 2009

First Posting

I decided to add a blog to my site as this allows me to tell you more about me and what's happening with the business. It seems that blog may just be old-fashioned and the new way is 'twitter'.

However, I will use this for the present.

I seem to be juggling many different projects at the moment as is my favourite way to be. I am on a strict deadline for the silver brooch commission which I am working on - cannot reveal who for as yet - it will all come out in due course. Need to go and see about engraving tomorrow and send off asap for casting. No time to spare. On Sunday I will be at the Holiday Inn, Glasgow Airport with Lisa with her Prom Gowns. I will be displaying jewellery and tiaras and my designs will be modelled on the catwalk. I'll need to get organised and will be busy tomorrow preparing and perhaps making a new design?

I like to introduce a new design at a show if I have time. May have some videos done on Sunday and perhaps some editorial from a University in the Glasgow area - will detail what happens after Sunday.

Time for bed as I'll be busy tomorrow!